Daddy’s Work Take 2

September 6, 2008

The highlight of the last summer holidays for Sunny was to go to London on the train to see where Daddy worked. That wasn’t all we did but the Charlie and Lola exhibition and the London Eye were no where near as exciting as getting some new pencils and doing some drawing at the big table at the back of the Madano offices. So we thought that we would do it again, taking Merry too as she loves trains and Daddy in equal measure.

It all got off to a good start with the train journey, apart from having to go into the toilet 8 times before Merry would actually have a wee. All the snacks went and Sunny read her London Guide that we had found in the library the day before.

The excitement continued as after the train we caught a boat from underneath the London Eye to the Tower. By this point Merry was less impressed with the whole thing and refused to have her photo taken for the rest of the day. So Sunny got lots of chance to ‘practice’ her lovely smile.
We managed to save the situation for a while with an ice cream and caffeine fix before we braved the Tower. Of course a buggy is a bit of a hindrance on any visit to an historical setting. Cobbles, winding staircases etc. But we did manage to see some instruments of torture and do the (not so) Bloody Tower before it was time for lunch.
Lunch positioned us nicely for a bit of historical re-enactment. We were not so well positioned to cheer for the Lancastrians but never mind. This is Sunny with ‘Lady Margaret’ who, apart from being nicely dressed, was very knowledgeable about the War of the Roses.
We did manage to find something that Merry loved about the Tower……….

Not only are they very impressive when they stand still but they occasionally break into a bit of spontaneous marching. We could have watched them all day as far as she was concerned, and probably should done have because next on the agenda was the highlight that is Daddy’s office.
Unfortunately, this proved a step too far for Merry who decided that Daddy had laughed at her and proceeded to tantrum her way around a very large table, through a room divider and past the fax machine shedding shoes and socks as she went. It was all a bit of a shock for the people who were trying to work and who, for the most part, don’t have either well or badly behaved children. Offers of cake and a cuddly duck were spurned and we just had to wait for the storm to pass.
She will be lucky if she gets further than the park for the next few weeks.

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NT Newbies

September 5, 2008

In the interested of gettting good value out of our newly purchased National Trust membership we headed off to Hinton Ampner on Bank Holiday Monday. The plan was to have a picnic in the grounds and a good run around. The picnic idea was scuppered by the officious notices telling you that the only place you could picnic was the car park – nice as car parks goes but not a beauty spot. And of course it rained.

Still, some running around was done as you can see. And we were pleased to see that their courgettes had the same leaf rot as ours. Even teams of gardeners can’t avoid that it would seem.

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How many holidays in Woolacombe can one family have?

September 4, 2008
Well, as a first attempt at a photo based blog this is not bad, is it. Some of the best photos from our 2008 holiday in Woolacombe. Only the 4th time we have been but hey, everyone loves it. The big feature of this year was the beach hut – Daphne. Apart from the fact that I have always wanted a beach hut to call my own, it was fabulous for keeping wetsuits, boogie boards, sun tan cream etc in rather than having to lug it all down to the beach twice a day.

Sunny and the Calverts wet suited to the nines. The wind break will give you some idea of the conditions as will the photo below….

Merry got her first wetsuit this year, and doesnt’t she look a picture! She was very pleased with it as you can tell. Sunny got a new full suit (given that the skin was getting sand blasted off her legs by the wind when she was wearing her shorty one we thought it was essential).

Ready for big wave action or what?

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